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Ask and it is answered: Companies and Social Networks - April 2009

Should a company build it's own social network or should it just join the ones out there that already exist?

I think many companies will want to build their own social networks in order to moderate, control, dictate , and ultimately impact the branding message in favor of the organization. When you decide to host a dinner party, your guests are typically going to eat some of what you have decided to serve. It's like that when a company builds their own social network. PR and Marketing end up being in full play.

Should they doe this? Absolutely. NING, Linkedin, and even A SMALL WORLD allow for this type of action. However, as much as a company may try is truly difficult to exist in a bubble and the newer platforms ,i.e. Twitter seem to make it less likely as people choose to lend their ears or not.

Who doesn't want the data and qualitative feedback of the consumers that manifest the cult at their disposal?.

Companies dependent on wide scale and diverse consumer demog…