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Violence and a Tan That Does Not Fade

I have so many people asking me for my opinion on this and it is no coincidence that as my family is living through it's own loss and tragedy this week I am numbed by any occurrence of violence and assault on our children. There is no time when it is right. I already know that the killer can no longer live.
I know this with every fiber of being who I am and no " justice system" will override that. Send your light towards the families suffering loss and towards the children being robbed of their innocence and lives. 
Why is skin color an  issue STILL? When will content of character and potential be the measure? When will the lives of all youth be so valuable that we allow them to grow up to become adults with developed character? I want it to happen  in my lifetime and the sooner the better. I am doing my part. I let no one mistake me and children under my guard or any child in my presence for being a victim.  I step in.  I believe that there were people who protected me…