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Keeping Pace in Marketing 2016 - Right Now

The best marketers leading brands in 2016 may not be able to control every new thing that falls over their industry from regulation to politics, but they can prepare for pending storms and help secure success for their teams and brands. Keeping all channels covered; at pace,cultivating curiosity, service and solutions while creating momentum that delivers ROI and increasing share is the ongoing quest for most brands and their chief marketers.

This is no easy task and it requires numerous organizational, value and technological efficiencies. The approach in 2016 and beyond must be nonlinear. Marketers will need to be diverse and also well versed and skilled in not just branding and creative ideation, but they will need to have accountability for procurement and financial return beyond holding to spend limits. They will need to partner well with sales, technology leads and be ambassadors for stellar consumer experience and impressions of the brands the represent. Marketin…