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Evolution Granted - June 2009

As I sit here on July 5, 2009....I feel myself to be in a bit of recovery or better yet growth. This blog has nothing to do with the recession. It never could for me as I have decided long ago that I am not participating in that. If you were looking to read about the economic are reading the wrong blog.

This past spring is one unlike any I have ever experienced. I am not alone. June 2009 was marked by the death of so many people and so many things. People I never knew and people I did have passed on. There is no longer that " death comes in three(s)". It has been occurring in multiples of three.
I find myself now submerged in the role of CEO and Executive Director ...pulling a necessary organization with regional expanse onto stable ground. This is a higher ground that maybe only I can see and so I was chosen and accepted. I find that I am also living my values everyday in this role and in doing so there are relationships that I have to serve as conduit to…