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Adrienne A. Wallace, Executive Director and CEO named to 2010 Fairfield County 40 Under 40

Adrienne Wallace, Norwalk resident and Girls Inc. of Southwestern Connecticut, Executive Director and CEO named to The 2010 - 40 Under 40.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 16, 2010 – July 16, 2010 - (Greenwich, CT) Girls Inc. of Southwestern CT announces that Executive Director and CEO, Adrienne A. Wallace was selected by a panel of distinguished judges as an honoree of The Fairfield County 2010 “40 Under 40”.

Several states in the Northeast rank their 40 top business leaders each year. The 2010 - 40 Under 40 is sponsored by the Fairfield County Business Journal. The competition recognizes 40 distinct business professionals under the age of 40 years for their exceptional leadership qualities, impact on their organizations, commitment to professional development and personal achievements setting them apart from their peers. This honor involves several area chambers of commerce recognizing rising young executive managers in Fairfield County companies and nonprofits.


The Art of Courtship

I have often said that the opposite sex confuses the term "courtship" and thinks that it allows for games.  This is not only true of the opposite sex, but it happens in an analogous fashion in  the business world as well.
In business, you  may come across people who are in roles that they are not well suited for or competent to fill. They coast along playing games and doing subpar work until someone comes in to lead and demands a certain business acumen and a sense of urgency,transparency,a consistent and clearcommunication style and what I like to call "thorough- putting" that are often missing.  These are the same things missing from courtship. .

When those screwing up the business opportunity are evaluated we often see that they had no goals set and no mentors. Likewise many men do not plan for their dating lives and often did not have role models that served as good relationship mentors as it applies to courtship.  They see other men mistreating and objec…