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Showing posts from April 4, 2010

Life is marked by - Ocassional absence of or (A phone )call for love today..

A dear friend of mine called today; as she often does on Easter. I almost did not answer the phone because I vowed to take it easy this weekend. But ..then there is caller id that really helps us to decide.

My friend is unhappy right now, scared and aching over things gone wrong and unaddressed in her life.

She said she thinks people do not really go to bat for her and that she only finds that she can be happy for limited periods of them. I told her that I noticed that but also likened it to the ocean where tides always ebb in and flow out . For me it is still the ocean and I choose if it is safe enough for swimming, boating, dipping my feet in or watching from the shore. She still is who she is.

She then told me that she has always believed that I on the other hand, am the"always happy super human girl." That is not true. I just have a perspective that the things we go through are for part of the bigger unfolding of ourselves into the world and a necessary lesson to refine o…