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Showing posts from October 17, 2010

Knowing What is Real

The picture of me above is 100% REAL. It is me on a fall morning almost  a year ago.  I know that I look something near 20 years old right?
< Nod  and  insert your quick agreement here>.
The cartoon rendering below my picture was sent to me by a friend, that is not real. I know it isn't real, but I am interested  in the artist.

This year has been marked by experiences that I will just call "unreal".  I find myself ending relationships of all sorts, starting new ones, and reinvesting in others. It's a bit of a good and bad and I take it all in as the flow that life offers up.

I sense something is not real, see it is not real, but I in my compassion develop an interest in how it is made up, I find myself  hoping I can help to authenticate it and have even told myself that the mutual artist (God) put the person or experience in my path so that I can help to make it real.  The truth  is  that the only thing I can authenticate is my own life experience and the o…