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Showing posts from October 18, 2009

A conversation to catch a fire

A dear loved one of mine had spent a late and cold evening telling me about what people were not doing for him and how he was not doing what he wanted to do in terms of work and his personal life.

He "hates" living where he lives and not having a car and complained that the family did not get together as much since his mother passed and so many other things. I listened intently.
I was listening because I love this person and also because I was telling myself that his echo of grace would soon come from all the words of his experience.
His pain deserved to be put down and at this time there was nothing more important than that.

It would soon come. He talked about work and job opportunities that he thought would come through for him and he blamed everyone outside of himself for the opportunities not working out for him; him not getting a job, respect, etc. It was all about him.

I respectfully tried to make it clear to him that we sometimes get whatever it is that we are putt…