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Violence and a Tan That Does Not Fade

I have so many people asking me for my opinion on this and it is no coincidence that as my family is living through it's own loss and tragedy this week I am numbed by any occurrence of violence and assault on our children. There is no time when it is right. I already know that the killer can no longer live.
I know this with every fiber of being who I am and no " justice system" will override that. Send your light towards the families suffering loss and towards the children being robbed of their innocence and lives. 
Why is skin color an  issue STILL? When will content of character and potential be the measure? When will the lives of all youth be so valuable that we allow them to grow up to become adults with developed character? I want it to happen  in my lifetime and the sooner the better. I am doing my part. I let no one mistake me and children under my guard or any child in my presence for being a victim.  I step in.  I believe that there were people who protected me as a child and in fact today as a woman -child, I know there are people who will protect me.  Our children no matter their skin color deserve to be here. The fact is their skin color is not a tan. It will not fade.  The violence ..that needs to disappear. 

They deserve better. Do not let anyone think they can get away with victimizing our children. 
You see an adult give a child a dirty look? Check their asses! 
You here them say, "those people"... Check their asses! 
You find that someone has harmed a child or speaks of intent to? Kick their asses using all the systems and moral code that you have available to you.  Let people know. 
Seek not to offend, but do not allow for offenses.
For as much as we struggle with duality (good vs bad) I mean that.
I want  people to study the picture here.  So many of those youth look familiar to us. 
One of the most sickening things is that we even have to disturb the innocence of childhood days by sharing and revealing this tragedy to our children. The fear it creates for them is nothing we could comprehend.
It is truly tragic and horrible.
Protect the youth and understand that the whole village is accountable.  The whole village can be a cocoon of protection and REACTION. Let's connect on this.
These; ours are not children/ youth of a lesser God. In fact, they were all crafted magnificently and cannot be replicated. 

RIP Trayvon Martin and my own Kwame Richards in this instance you are both gone too soon.

- Adrienne A. Wallace


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