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Where Did It Go? The question that comes when ownership is lost.

" Where Did It Go? " This is a common question asked about time, goodness, old regimes, and old relationships, memory and other than that... money and misplaced keys.

Where did it go? We hear this amongst those of us who have not set a strategy and intention for what we have. This also the question that comes particularly from those of us who become all too confident in what we have but do not own.

Ownership of one's talent,work, innovation, relationships and contribution is either an old or new concept in many places.

What is encouraging is the ability to list our criteria for ownership and then be honest about what we truly own.

Here are a few that I was thinking of today:

Ownership of material things - You paid for it , don't owe anything for it to anyone
Ownership of relationships - You tell the truth, engage with grace, and express mutual respect without excuses or references to what does not apply to the person you are relating to
Ownership of innovation - You haven't copied something or someone else's idea, your thoughts and processes are original and what you have created has significant implication and impact on other people, processes, and things.
Ownership of talent - You invest in it, practice, are fearless about expressing it and find places to emancipate it everyday. Mostly you share it to bring a better feeling, way of being and inspiration to others. You do it as if you have already "made it" and never take it for granted.
Ownership of work - You go and start early where you need to, leave late where you must, contribute to the growth, build your experience and credentials, you bring value with what you give and work as a team member not a dictator or team clown. You are able to articulate the vision and goals of the organization and have supporters at all levels who know the value of your work now.
You build a network, not just for yourself, but for the success of what and the team and clients that you are contributing to each day. You maintain a network that includes decision makers. You are mature and say "thank you" often and sincerely. You pay attention to the uniqueness of each contact and accent the positives.
You understand that you exist, no matter your title to help grow and sustain the enterprise. You admit what you do not know and you do it quickly. You develop a reputable footprint You embrace technology. You are open to change and welcome it. You always show respect and humility in the presence of those more skilled and experienced and respect the contributions of everyone no matter the latter.
You show initiative consistently, you are transparent and trustworthy, you listen, you express a WILLINGNESS TO LEARN AND STAY CURRENT AND MOST OF ALL AVOID EXCUSES AND BRING SOLUTIONS AND RESULTS TO THE TABLE.

When we have ownership we never really have to ask ..." Where Did It Go? "

Share your criteria. I would love to hear / see it.


  1. Another great, thought-provoking, and inspiring piece! Well done.

  2. John Crews, MD, PhiladelphiaAugust 9, 2009 at 11:59 AM

    Adrienne, your ownership comments are very interesting. With the "dumbing down" of American society, people are now longer "raised" with this ownership mentality. The decline of successful relationships is directly correlated to the inability of people to be transparent. People look for things that they perceive they don't have. We want more of things that aren't good for us. REAL people are frightening to most, because we are not the norm. Pretentiousness and envy are championed when all they to do is destroy.

    John Crews, MD

  3. @ Jules - Many thanks. You know this blogging is a matter of my opinion and experience in the art of being REAL. I hope you are well.

  4. @ Dr. Crews - Everything you wrote resonates with me. It seems like you have been the fly on the wall. I especially appreciate the truth that is written as, " The decline of successful relationships is directly correlated to the inability of people to be transparent."

  5. this is an interesting i was reading i was thinking of all the duplication of events, websites, etc....and then i remembered when i was walking through a bazaar and this young lady was selling jewelry and the design was similar to a piece i had created w/OUT ever seeing her piece and a very intellingent young lady pointed out to us both....not every thing you generate is the first time it has been created...we have to keep that in mind we become so personally attached to things we create


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