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L-E-T-T-I-N-G    G-O

You have seen these words before..yes? Very simply written in nine letters.
“Letting  go.”
Why does it make you uncomfortable?  It is simply an action that you as a human being experience every single day, just by physically and chemically existing.  It is an action that occurs when you have complete trust in your intuition ; that heaven sent voice inside of you. You know the one you may not always agree with, but the angels are so fond of you ..they send it into your ears, head, heart , and sometimes your eyes?

If you are reading this your eyes open and they shut very quickly is called "blinking" but in fact it is letting go and it happens very quickly. As we blink old light goes away and we allow new light to come in …seeing the next moment.

As you turned on your computer or device you may have pressed a button, touched the screen, flipped a switch. As you clicked on your mouse, stroked and released keys on the keyboard, raised your finger or pushed it from one place to the other that act of releasing your finger alone is letting go.

Do you feel yourself breathing? It goes in and out . As you take  in oxygen you release  or rather let go  of carbon dioxide . If not for letting go of that CO2 your cells would die off and so would you.  You are alive because of letting go

That magnificent structure inside your chest, also known as your heart - pumps blood in and out of it . 
The muscles in and around it constrict and let go. As you walk through this life it is constantly letting go ..this is how it beats.

It can be hard to know when is the right time to let go.  Here are some ways that you can know:

 1)When nothing you desire, no ideal is being met  or seen where you are….LET GO
2)When you feel more fear, anxiety,  less trust and anger; together or any of the aforementioned for a repeated duration. LET GO
3) When the people you are dealing with are not people you would associate with outside of the situation you are in with them. LET GO.
4)  When your love, passion, or concern does not seem to make a difference and you find yourself wondering if you loved the right way.  LET GO
5)  When you have more judgment of than prayer for a person or situation..LET GO. You’ll find that all of a sudden the prayer comes much easier.
6)  When you are left confused after communicating and articulating in the most gracious way you know how. LET GO
7)When reciprocity, good manners, and kindness are evasive..
Please LET GO.
8)When your values seem undermined and you take offense to the way people around you are executing.  
9)When you feel that you are more sick than well and happy, more sad than joyful, more confused than confident. LET GO
10)When you know that the dream that God / the Divine has for your life does not feel like what you are experiencing ..LET GO
11)When you trust that you are worthy of something wonderful and know that where you are, who you are with, how things are going are not it. LET GO
12) When the high spirit that brings love into your life feels like it is being pulled into a darkened  space..LET GO

 So many of us are resistant to the very act of letting go. What we could do better to realize is that letting go is very much a part of living. We are alive because the systems that make us bodily human are constantly taking in and letting go so that we are in fact alive; thriving and surviving.  
 Give yourself permission to let go

People around you may be curious as to why it seems so easy for you. They will want you to react to situations dramatically and in fact in a way that is less peaceful. That is likely their way of being and all they know. It would be their response. Choose yours.  

You owe no explanation to anyone, but if you must you can say “ I AM staying alive and letting go is exactly how I do that.”

You deserve to be happy, free of anxiety and stress, treated with high regard and tenderness and to have your heart’s desire fulfilled when you work towards it.  Your entire body by letting go each day (so that you can be alive) is a system managing to a great deal of stress every single day.  Often times getting all that is good and that worthy of you is about letting go and realizing that people are who they are and you are who you are.
To be clear, just because you let go in one place doesn't mean something won't be left behind, because there will be, but in the burn out of it all, you will be able to take your beating heart with you. Fully awake and alive to give yourself and proper cling to an experience and people worth your holding on to.

Free yourself!

-          Adrienne A. Wallace


  1. I loved this, and I love you.

  2. Powerful. And it is if you are speaking only to me, though I know your words will bless many. Thank you.

  3. Simply awesome. Thank you for expressing and sharing your heart and God given talent.

  4. Truly a blessing to me at this time in my life. A God sent word of action.

  5. I right now is fighting for my dream ! Its Sad when you don't have anything to fight for to live for. It took me year to trust me and believe that God can only send you a message but its up to you to read the message.. I had to learn " To Let It Go" Beautiful Read


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