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I Believe in The Flow....

I believe in the flow
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I believe in the healthy flow of life and today said to myself, " Little know it has to flow." Yes , sometimes I say to myself " Little A" to remind me to treat new learning with gentleness, enthusiasm, optimism and the gratitude of a child.

We so often push for loving, push for wanting, push someone to stay, push for acknowledgement, push to convince and push to pretend, we even push for change that may never come or really simply may not be part of the plan for the person , place, or ourselves. Seriously... wasn't it hard enough being born? Wasn't there enough push and tug in that process? Just getting here and screaming out loud because the peace we once knew was disrupted..that was enough no?

Getting here is a struggle but living here should be about striving for peace, serenity, greatness and having it. No cheap dramas and such. I talked with a dear friend and family member about a situation where things have filled up for the reason of allowing her enough discomfort to flee, leave, find her own space and born. I told her I felt like she was dying to be born. So, I called her a "chicken."No, not a "chicken head, " but a "baby chicken."

Have you ever seen one that was freshly hatched? All wet and sticky, looking near dead with the exception of a wide open mouth. You should wonder is that little chicken waiting to be feed or gasping for air. It is doing BOTH! Like so many of us who are hungry and fighthing for air.

Not a good look. There are so many chickens dying to be born. The birthing process for a chick is one where its egg begins to fill with a deadly gas, but GOD is so GOoD( no typo) that every chicken is given instinct and a beak to use to break out of that shell and LIVE!

Then after a few days that baby chicken is all fuzzy and cute and pecking about the place quite independently. What's more is it quickly thrives and becomes so big that no one can believe it so recently came from that noxious egg. What a great image for life!Moral...if your life and surroundings are becoming too full of negative energy...just break out, use your God given faculties, spread you wings, trust that there is breathing room on the outside of a bad experience and realize that your dying to be born then LIVE and LET IT FLOW.

In the meantime, watch out for all those tempting and engaging cats of the world. And if you think you can't do this....first find a beakless living chicken and then we can talk.

Love and Light!
Spirit Child™

aka Adrienne Wallace Hayward


  1. You know well and good that this has my name and current life challenge written ALL over it. Smile at you girl, this was a wonderful commentary. I loved it. And you are so right about the chickens.... t'aint none to be found. Maybe they lost some feathers, even a leg here or there... but they all are to be found with beaks still in tact. C'est Moi!!! Love and thank you for sharing. I look forward to following it.



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