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This January of ours!!! - Nature's Winter

This January of ours !!! - Nature's Winter

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This January of ours ...has been wonderful in the Northeast ; if you know what to do with it. I dare you to go out and play in the snow. Remember the big fluffy one we got last week?

The snowflakes floated gracefully through the air and it was like white cotton candy all over the place. When was the last time you stuck your tongue out and tasted the snow flakes? When was the last time we had this much snow? Not in a long time right?

The times when we did have winters like this seemed more stable, more " normal", and more happy in some ways for more of us.

Yes it is cold, slippery in some areas, icy and all of that. But, I would never call it " brutual" or some of the words that I hear and see being used. I mean really, is that any way to talk to Mother Nature? Yes it's extremely icy in some spots.

Icy just seems like that loving mother calling out -" Now you be careful, you hear me?"

Yes ..I will be careful. Yes. I will proceed with caution.

Shoveling snow? Tell the truth probably need the exercise and could go shovel your neighbors' while you are at it. A random opportunity to exercise and be kind? ! And it is not about a cure for cancer? Love it!

I think that nature is conspiring with those of us who want a calm to come to our time. It is co-signing with those of us who want more time to think and be still.

It is allowing us to spend more time with our family;thanks to all of the delayed openings, school closings, and the decreased frequency of trains, buses and such.

Imagine an hour more to review a project at a slower pace.

Imagine a reason to have hot cocoa with marshmallows and whip cream topped with a cinnamon stick.

Imagine a reason to stay home in wool pj's and enjoy a good book or sleep in if you choose.


New quiet in a busy loud city because cars cannot race down the streets as the usually do.

Imagine time for: Taking a bubble bath or fixing that broken item in the garage because you're home instead of out at happy hour like when the weather is "better."


The stillness and tolerance that comes from having to wait because our weather requires exactly that. Just wait.


Being able to spend time catching up on emails because you will not be traveling after all.


Less street crime because it is too cold for criminals to hang out or stalk a victim? Wow! Is that real? Yes, I read about that statistic the other day. Not as many "holding the block" because instead they are staying inside watching a DVD.


The howling winds that stop us to listen. Saying exactly that "STOP and LISTEN!"

The below freezing air and temperatures say " Hurry and go inside" A message for this time...." GO INSIDE" ...whoooah!Imagine .....Seeing your breath right in front of you in the incredible frosty air and just appreciating that you are breathing (unaided I might add) .

That breath I see in front of me today sounded like I was saying " I AM" (breathing , alive, here...)

I accept and welcome this abundance of nature's winter with gratitude. I have told friends that this January 2009 conjures up memories of an authenthicity that we have been missing for a long time and this season was my signal that things might be returning to normal.

Let me have my dream and please share in it believers!

Never say "too much snow" is my cry. "Oh what an abundance" is what I prefer. The winter is in love with me and I have proof. My husband and I marveled the other day because the snowflakes were shaped like hearts.

Heart shaped snowflakes and regular ones too! But then again ...nothing is " regular" about a snowflake. They were this signal of love and diversity which we need in Connecticut, Hawaii, California, Texas and everywhere in between.

The weather always gives me so much to reflect on and as I play or stand still in it or even watch it from my office window .. it answers to the hopes that I have for myself, you, our world.

When I step in from the cold, my home is warm. I am reminded that I am living the difference.

I am not homeless, not on the street, I am blessed with a warmth in my own space. I am in many ways shielded from the elements. Look at the attached picture and notice what was falling along my cheek. Yes! My groom and I captured one of the many heart shaped snowflakes.

Dearest February,

I wanted to tell you in advance that I am ready for you and the weather you will bring is welcome here. I plan on using it to continue to improve the quality of my life and hopefully those around me. I trust that we will be safe. Actually what I mean is, THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of whatever you contribute to nature this year. I promise to partake , hear the message and get the lessons.


Adrienne Wallace Hayward


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