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Chil" E" and maybe Hawai" I" ...why do you think?

I believe in a lot of things and I believe that we are all potent sources of energy.
As this February comes to a close, it is marked by a great deal of sorrow and a memory of difficult and tragic things.

I think now of the recent earthquake in Chile and the fear of a tsunami for Hawaii and places along the Pacific Ocean and I must share this thought:

It's all energy folks!
Stop your complaints about the beautiful and STILLING snow and cold. Nature and the weather is a universal source. Your anger and annoyance is bad energy and look how it translates to other places in the world. Inundate some appreciation and graciousness and see what calm can come. Yes... really. You... and your attitude are a powerful energy. Now make a choice!

We have this love and hate relationship with nature and the weather and if we were to treat people that way we could not expect them to be loyal in their relationship to us. We could not expect that they would not be angry with us.

Just as mistreatment and foul talk can create stressful disturbances in the human body; headaches, backaches, heart does our foul talk of the earth body.

I know that there is much accounting in science to explain all that happens but, much of that science with study and truthful observation reveal powers of energy, sources of energy and inertia. This is relevant.

Hait"I" Chil"E" and possibly Hawai"I".

Each is inheriting the powerful and negative energy of the 'E'gos, the "I" s that have been complaining here and elsewhere about nature all winter long. It's time for us to pay attention and be mindful of our negative egos and lack of grace. That energy translates and the universe reacts in kind to energy. It... See More ... does not know good from bad. It simply multiplies the energy it receives. I really believe that. The complaints are always based on people not able to invest in something material too. It is a reflection of our sad inability to sit with ourselves and honor the stillness that this time calls for.

I honor the fortune of quiet, meditation, hours to create order and innovate or create solutions. I even honor this misfortune as it allows me another reason to share this perspective My "I" is well on the way. I welcome any one anywhere ready to join me in projecting peaceful and positive vibes into the earth an our universe. we belong to the earth, it does not belong to us. A sick heart will kill a body. Be a well heart my friends...please.

You do not have to agree with my thinking. This is not a call for that.
Please consider it and if you want to know more / see more please see:

Prayers to our brethren everywhere. Sweet love!


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