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What I Find In Friends ...

In my friends' eyes I see an expectation for great things and in their hearts' .. I see a devotion to making it all a reality. I even compute their occasional confusion in this way and together we make each day better for us all.

We experience forgiveness and willfully do so, because we are aware that there has been or will be a time when we too need to be forgiven.
When we are called towards kindness we turn and welcome it. We take nothing for granted.
We help each other to rise up and put our hand out even if it is not needed; so each knows that the other is there.

We share uncontrollable laughter and wonder why the whole world isn't in on the joke.
We share our sorrows sometimes publicly and also silently. We are simply devoted to sharing.
We know that there are no guarantees and show up anyway in any way we can.
We say thank you to each other and we know that love is not a four lettered word.
We are devoted always in all ways.

When we say " I love you..." It is never followed by " but..." Because love is unconditional.
We are honest even when the truth hurts because we are willing to stand there and soothe that hurt away.

We make no assumptions and do not ever attempt to force that which does not fit.
We know that this thing we call " friendship" between us is the choosing of family for our individual selves.

We have the thrill of the unspoken and the aim to be greater to the world than we each deserve from it.
We know how to solve each others challenges or just listen to what they are.
We respect each others privacy and will applaud publicly our open achievements as the need may be.
We do not laugh when the other has forgotten the words to a song.
Instead we remind each other of the melody, the words we remember and dance to what we declare the remix.

We recall that we are all spirits having a human experience and know that it is okay for some to be higher than others.
We are brilliant, we know it and we share our light so that it is paid forward.
We feel loved and are safe with each other.
We support each others endeavors and are as happy for each others success as if it were only our own.

We hug each time we are close enough to do so and deeply as if we will never have another opportunity.
We pat each other on the back and look on the other in the eyes as we share our stories.
We recognize the treasure that is sharing the same air in this time; breathing together.
We know that there is no such thing as alone and stand firmly in being " all one".
We understand that our friendship is sacred and we cherish each other ( time, company, thoughts, space).

I wish you such a friend in your life and more so that you are that friend to someone else.


- Adrienne Wallace


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