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11 For 2011

My goals are as follows:

My  BASIC goals are as follows:

1. More than seeking to be understood.... I will continually seek to understand, know and sympathize with my fellow human being. ( I may shake my head in the process, but pay me no mind  Lovely Ones)   I AM COMPASSIONATE!

2. No dark imaginings allowed. I will strive to cultivate the positive, and will resist indulging in negativity always in all ways. Let me see your light!

3. I promise that will not judge people, and I will remember we are all frail students of the world. Spirits having human experiences. I will be discerning and trust my intuition most of all.

4. I will be polite, courteous, and respectful of people and their views even when they are not to the benefit of my spirit. I remain in contol  of my reaction. (* God help me if a child is harmed or someone talks bad about my loved ones..I may not be able to keep to this.
I will jack up someone I see bringing harm to a child especially- I turn into a wolf) - You all might have to pool bail money.

5. I can assure you that I will listen deeply to what all people have to say, and they will be my teachers. Speak! This is going to assure more success in life and career and the enterprises that  have me involved and working on their behalf.

6. I will continue to strengthen my resources, so that I may have them to share with others in need and better the world.

7. I will share my time and resources with people and be mindful that these gifts are not  to be abused or taken for granted. When necessary I will simply ask that they Cut The Check!

8. I will take without forgetting, and give without remembering, This is the way of grace my friends.I especially will remember the trip that anyone give me to Tahiti.

9. I will reach out to people, not only spiritually, but also emotionally and remember that what I have to share is sacred.
Call me out on this and you can even deny me ice cream ..if I fail in this area with you.

10. I will use my resources, talents, gifts and determination in creative ways to solve other people's problems, develop knowledge, create and chase joy and spark  bliss filled celebration.  Join me , but you must like to dance!!

11. Though I sometimes get weary.  I will teach others through example, that much can be done will little if you only have the desire and determination.*****I will not allow this drive to be abused by settling in places  or with people that do not honor this spirit with compassion and support. Everything in it's moment . Pray for me!*****


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