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Mid-month marketing maxims for brands in the digital age - Adrienne A. Wallace

It's been a while since I posted about the marketing game. I got  an email with a pretty good question from someone working on a smaller marketing communications project. She wanted to know what needs to happen in order to drive the brand to "favorite status" in a competitive field.  I shared what I think are some basics (beyond being situated and active in social media). Everyone is jumping on the social media band wagon, but there are some  foundation basics that could best be employed to support  the success early on.

A brand being established as a favorite place "on line" requires a few of things:

1) A portal that is easy to access via mobile and pc without exception to software
2) Audible  AND Visual features that visitors can select. The pop up - take over thing is not exactly welcoming.
3) the ability to share content via email and social pages 
4) Opportunities to PERSONALIZE; integrate items personal to you; pictures  and video without hassle
5) Advertising that does not overlay your entry and ongoing experience
6)   Extended thought on #2; If it wants to be considered a truly  favorite "digital" brand  the visuals should have a significant amount of interactivity
7) There should be strong licensing or integration into other brands by the time it is 2 years old.
8) It should have a high frequency of content delivery that is easy to navigate.
9) Content should resonate with those it claims to engage and target; SEO research, planning and implementation is necessary
10) Purchasers must be verifiable and cross promote / talk back about the brand without  too much incentive other than being satisfied with what the brand delivers.  This happens when they see and feel a connection either to themselves or brands that they already associate themselves with; hence,  the hunt for specific advertisers by media brands .

 #MidMonthMarketingMaxims - Adrienne A. Wallace


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