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Excerpt from Faith and Business by Adrienne A. Wallace

I hope you know the secrets of your own heart and can find them in your business life as much as you do in your private spaces.

Trust your instincts.
Sell only what you would buy.
Don't work for anyone who does not think that you deserve to eat what they ask you to hunt.
Promote what is real.
Maintain your integrity.
Be at peace with your God and learn from every experience of embrace or attack.
Do the work and perfect your skills. Do it now.
Innovate, change, get online and connect.
Listen and learn.
Write it down.
Be humble, but not shy.
Be honorable to your customers ..
Do not deny your friends or family your time or love.
Turn off the smartphone and computers and turn on the laughter.
Connect with your heart.
Care about your team. You want the same thing.
Ask about your clients hobbies and family and mean it.
Choose what to cheer and recruit for each day.
Understand what requires private counsel.
Know who has your back.
Have faith in your risks and work for the rewards.
Ask for strength to accept what you cannot change.
Change what you can.
Remember the Golden Rule.
Practice the Golden Rule.
Embrace Diversity....GOD does.
There will be opportunities as you go along the course.
I promise and so does a much Higher Power.
At the end of each day..return home with gratitude.
When you die..let it be said that you used all you were given.
Know that the paycheck will not be noted in your eulogy.
What you give will be noted and remembered.
Expect to win.
Be happy.
(from..."Faith and Business" - Adrienne A. Wallace)


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