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Just Ask....

The other day I was asked how it is that I am so drawn to the image of Buddah and I responded. " It is a very peaceful image for me." There is a bit of a smile ...or not, but the face looks content and even like a baby.

What well person can be upset with a baby?

I also cannot help but think of a flower and the humility of growth when I see the image of Buddah. There are several Buddah statues throughout my home. They soften my already softly and thoughtfully appointed living, working, bathing and sleeping spaces. They are comfortable places to be.

Buddah was a prince that gave up all of his wordly possessions to have an ultimate peace. All the trappings ...given away.

With that thought, I also shared that a flower is something that I wonder if any one human being could be upset with. I think it is nearly impossible to do that too.

Perhaps this is because we all know that flowers, as commonplace as they are, do not just occur. They are a part of a miracle.

I imagine that If you were ask a flower how it is that it reaches such a magnificent bloom and there was a response: It would tell you that blooming hurts. Yet flowers are so quiet.

Imagine being silent during your bloom?

Whether you are feeling encased in darkness or saturated by light. You are a miracle.

Yes indeed Buddah and flowers are amongst my favorite things.

Find your symbols and just ask for understanding and comfort during your focus on them.
None of it should be taken lightly. Whatever you are moved by can be part of your transition and your comfort.


  1. Your words are lovely and true. I enjoy peace tremendously.

  2. Thanks you YoushellWilliams. Peace is the answer. Be at peace with all things ....and all people.


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