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Dear death, @ u %# you !

Dear death- You are a scornful and deceptive son of a bitch!

You like to come along and rob us of the people we most love at times that we would least expect. Well let me be clear on this: I acknowledge your sad and dreadful way and still you cannot have yesterday, last week, last month, last year, or any of our past and to be completely clear ... You, death cannot suppress a legacy or the memories of those you rob from our lives. No death can ever eliminate LOVE and the celebration of a life that touched us and enriched our time here. We already know that time is infinite, but our bodies are limited. You will not keep us from telling the stories, playing the music, dancing , sharing with the next generation, and you sure enough cannot and will not stop our faith and prayers. You have not suppressed the inspiration; so whenever you come you may take a body, but spirit reigns supreme.

And death ...yes we will shed tears but they are not for you. Do what you must. We know we have this moment and the next is not guaranteed, so in the meantime, I must say @ u %# you death! Today we live, yesterday we lived, today we love deeper, yesterday we loved. And if you meet any of us tomorrow there are people left behind who will make sure that you, death can't stop the music and no matter what you, death will always be behind and come after birth, life, and love.
Death will never be in first place.

Rest in Peace Dwight Myers ( Heavy D). No.. death does not have you. Our lives have you. Our teenage years are earmarked by your music. It is no coincidence that I just exchanged emails with you over facebook last week. I am grateful. You put Mount Vernon, NY on the map in the minds of many, set a standard to go out into the world and do the damn thing and no one rocked a party like you with as much humility and fun as you. We will always love you and thank you for sharing your gift and tender heart. I know that my sister, Karen and I will always remember the walks home from Mount Vernon High and how you, Troy(RIP), Eddie and Glen, rehearsed on the walk down California Road towards Hillside and Columbus Avenue.

I knew then and we all know now that something magnificent was coming to life and let's be clear ...there is little as good today and only one amazing, gifted Heavy D. May there be peace and fond memory of all the blessings for all Myers family, friends and the fans that will miss your presence on the earth.

(* Now That We Found Love playing EXTRA LOUD in the background)

Love and light!



  1. Andrienne, I had goosebumps reading this post. It's so well-written and true. You are such a gifted writer.

    Imani Wisdom

  2. Your writing touched me. I have all of his cd's, but Love Opus and from listening to his music, Heavy had a positive message, uplifting and just wanted you to dance and have a good time. Most important to me was the respect for females in his music. He didn't degrade females in his music like most hip hop artist do today. MC Lyte said it best on Nuttin' But Love cd, Friends & Respect "Your mother would want to listen to him". RIP Heavy D.

    Tony J.

  3. Wow!! Adrienne I can tell you put your heart into this and I felt your love for him. I love the words you shared about your friend. Although I only knew him as an entertainer he made a significant impact of my life and remains one of the reasons that I ever listened to a rap song (Old School Rap). Love, Love, Love!!!


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