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What is " IT" for me...?

Dear friends,
Thank you for BEING here this year, despite your struggles, no matter your failures;  with humility and joy during all of your wins.
 There are many people not giving GOOD LOVE in the life that they are living right now.
They are angry.  They are upset  about not having material things when they are truly in a space and status that is "above basic" and  they are finding it hard to reflect on what matters. 
 There are plenty of complaints that 2011 was "not it" for them. The year was supposed to deliver something unto them and somehow failed at it. 
The TRUTH is:  LIFE rarely gives us anything  that we don't show up for!

When I get to talk to a friend,  that is it for me. When I see my parents, that is it for me.

When I have food on my plate each day not to mention a fridge and pantry of options, that is it for me. 
When the children in my life laugh,tell me their stories, cry and seek my comfort...that is it for me. 
When I accept people as they are, that is it for me. 
When I do not display anxiety, but instead have confidence in myself and my ability to travel the open road, that is it for me. 
When I focus on what I can give versus what I may not have now, that is it for me.  
I AM in constant contemplation of my joy, good health, loving relationships, successful business, peace on earth and in awe of my breath following through my body. That is it for me.
When my friends and family or even strangers lose loved ones or become ill or even die themselves, that is it for me. 
When a job ends and a new one begins, that is it for me. 
When I get moments of solitude, quiet, reflection, and say "Thank You" to strangers and those well known...That is "it"for ME. 
When I recognize that I AM still a child of GOD and stand aware of that truth existing for others as well, that is it for me.  
When I take no offense to a person not being the ONE, a place not being the  right place, the best, or as I would imagine or hope for them/it  to be...I suspend all ego and ...that is it for me. 
2011 has not failed me because I am here with the peace of my God, knowing that I AM  A PIECE OF GOD. 
I AM  healthy, living, loving, awake, confident, still, and loving without force. 
That is why each year will be "IT" for me. 
Walk good! Happy, joyful, merry,  and grateful holidays. 
This season will never come again.... That's IT!

Love and your brilliant light, 
Adrienne A. Wallace


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