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TODAY YOU CAN - Tuesday: Jan. 3, 2012

Today YOU CAN: 

Rid yourself of insecurity and constant seeking.
I think that a happy and healthy person has really made a successful transition into adult life when he/she has learned to maintain personal subsistence and shelter. When a person can be defined by what they contribute to the world and have more personal relationships of good than failure; they are more solid, stable, graceful. When every person; especially the opposite sex is not boxed into having a "role" with that person and allowed to choose and just be a man or woman -- simply a cohabitant in a grand universe, that is adulthood in action. Likewise, a person hasn’t fully matured until he/she has also learned to provide emotional energy for him/herself. Chasing affection, chasing the wrong type of attention, expecting everyone to be interested in you and give specific attention that you are starved for is immature,ridiculous, and can be a big turn-off. Trying to deceive others into believing that someone who is not in a relationship with you is connected to you and chasing love makes you undesirable and reveals your emptiness as one that cannot be filled. Life can be enough of a wilderness for people to navigate. Spare them your neediness. Wanting to be hunted could lead to death of your very soul. No one can feed it better than you and your God. Standing firmly in your own trust- Confidence coupled with discipline in work and spiritual fortitude is true beauty and it is what people intent on worthy relationships pursue and perfect."

*every Tuesday in 2012- "TODAY YOU CAN" -
A.A. Wallace


  1. Beautifully written, I really like this Adrienne. I only wish more people had the opportunity to read it, and understand it. Some of us still have to deal with persons who exhibit excessive control behaviors. At times it is so difficult to be in their proximity.


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